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Hey y’all… Welcome to this mess.

Follow me on my journey as I attempt to translate Chinese BL web novels and fail. Hopefully I won’t fail though (hopefully).

Translated Novels

Re-Translating Into Another Language

To be honest, I’d prefer if people could use the original Chinese raws and not my translations when translating a Chinese webnovel into a different language. My translations aren’t 100% accurate and I take a lot of liberties with it as well, so when my Chinese-to-English translations are then used to translate into another language, that just makes the essence of the story stray even further from the original. However, I know that a lot of people probably don’t care and will just ignore this, and I also know that it’s really hard to translate using full MTL with no knowledge of Chinese whatsoever. So I’d appreciate it if other translators could at least use the original as a basis for your translations if you’re still going to use my translations as a point of reference.


I love reading translated Chinese BL web novels (no shame about it lol) but many of the ones that I’ve read aren’t being translated anymore and have been dropped, so I figured if I’m going to read the original Chinese raws myself anyway, then why not try translating them for other people to read as well? My translations might not be completely accurate and sometimes I’ll leave out words or change the wording to make the story flow better. I apologize, I’m using a mix of MTL and my own limited knowledge of Chinese (I swear all those years spent suffering at Chinese School on Saturdays has completely gone to waste). Also sorry if this website is kind of wonky, I literally have no idea how to build a website (I went through way too much trouble trying to figure out how this works smh).

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    1. Hello! I’d prefer it if you could use the original Chinese raws of the story to translate it into your language, because my English translations might not always be accurate. However, it’s fine to translate using my translations if you don’t have any other options. Thanks for asking!


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